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Falcon Hospitality LLC is an international hotel and asset management company with a strong presence in Oman. The company was formed to address the specific needs of the regional hospitality sector. It draws on the proven skills and strengths of the principals and senior management as well as the established systems and procedures that are a part of all Falcon businesses.

The primary focus is on mid-range properties in the hospitality sector. Falcon is currently managing properties with more than 900 keys in Oman. To achieve this Falcon is working closely with the Siyabi Group International (SGI).

Unlike its larger and more rigid competitors, one of the strengths of Falcon Hospitality is the ability to quickly identify new technologies and working models. Once introduced, these improve the bottom line for all businesses operated by Falcon Hospitality.

Over the past decade the senior management team has identified and delivered a range of commercial projects, either as manager, operator, advisor or investor.  That same team has a proven track record as an operator that delivers stable revenues and consistent profits, even through the recent unsettling world events. 

Through all its operations Falcon Hospitality works to enforce international business standards while maintaining the integrity of the business and improving the commercial returns of the asset.

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What are the core strengths that set Falcon Hospitality apart from its competitors?
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